19 October 2021

Solomon Speaks Today - Doors of Deception by Dr Rajkumar Ramchandran

07:00 PM - 09:30 PM | GMT +8 Asia/Singapore

What do you want to hear? The Truth or lies and deception? In a world of hype, lies and deceit, how do we keep from deceiving ourselves first? Deceit is part of our old self. So how do we put it aside and grow in our salvation, aware that the deceitfulness of sin hardens our heart. We cannot undeceive ourselves. Only God can. Deception is the hallmark of the Last Days. The root of our troubles is spiritual. There are many ‘Doors of Deception’ that pollute our spiritual discernment and “as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. (Proverbs 26:11)” due to lack of wisdom and fear of the Lord. ‘Doors of Deception’ warns us of the last days and how to escape from deceitfulness to Christlikeness.